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Our Policies

By building close relationships with our clients and with our IT contractors, we are able to create an optimal basis for cooperation as well as to provide on-going support to ensure that your needs are being met. Long-term relationships - both with clients and contractors - are a key success factor. It is important to us to understand the needs and expectations of both parties to the project; career plans, strengths and weaknesses.

The Placement

We only list job opportunities related to projects that have been rigorously investigated. We invest the time to understand clients and their needs, as soft skills are critical to the job. We plan all stages of the process (feedback on your CV, interviews, etc.) to ensure that you are fully informed at all times.

During the Project

During the project, we offer regular support by monitoring the contract, to ensure that everything is going according to schedule. Six weeks before the end of the assignment, we will assess progress and the potential for an extension. We will visit you regularly on site to discuss progress with you.


Our customer service team provides advice and support with all administrative tasks, including work permits, retirement planning, contract management, time sheets and payments.

Your Commitment

In order to plan properly, we need an accurate and frank assessment of your current situation and must have knowledge of all other job opportunities for which you have applied. We also need clear and candid information about your skills, experience, and knowledge as well as your expectations for the project assignment (type of company, kind of project, future plans).

We are also interested to know your long-term plans. If you commit to a project assignment we expect that you understand and respect this commitment – to mutual benefit, and the benefit of clients, and in the sense of ethical and professional business practice.

Together with your application, we also require two references with contact details.