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Operational Excellence

As a survival strategy in the present competitive global market place, the singe-minded focus on cost saving, mainly by relocating to economies with low labour costs, is no longer considered viable. Focus on cost-cutting only is a short-term strategy, and as such is able to achieve only short-term competitive advantages. In addition to low prices, customers increasingly demand high quality and flexibility, together with rapid delivery. Companies must therefore create an environment which promotes sustainable and continuous process improvements.

In addition to the optimisation of process flows across the entire supply chain, the principles of Operational Excellence can also be applied to administrative practices. Consequently, the entire, integrated value chain, including support processes, performs in concert and is focused on the goal of corporate profitability. This is the only sustainable way of enhancing overall process quality, profitability, and maintaining the customer’s perception of value received.

A holistic view of the value chain, with its inherent complexity, indicates the need for a combination of different approaches and methods. It is therefore essential that process definition strategies are accompa-nied by powerful implementation skills.

At Contauro, Operational Excellence is not only understood to be a method or tool, but rather as a comprehensive philosophy to optimise processes, and improve performance. The main goals are to increase process efficiency, quality and degree of control, in order to prevent waste of resources and consequently create an agile and innovative environment.

We have expertise in the following Operational Excellence concepts: