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Sales Force Automation

Nowadays most companies consider “intelligent customer service” – where sales force employees carry a portable PC with them – as standard in almost every industry. But since the introduction of Web 2.0 and the iPad etc., customer interaction has totally changed. It is no longer all about fascinating the client with fancy gadgets, but about rapidly producing the relevant information in a concise and accessible manner. Intelligent mobile solutions, for smart phones and tablets, still constitute an obstacle for most companies. Enhanced mobile commerce, as a basis for sales force automation, is a major trend amongst the combination of customer experience management, and efficient sales processes.

Contauro offers support not only in the implementation of tailored CRM systems with mobile applications, but also focuses on the change management needs of your employees, in order to build the foundation of a successful project. With this in mind, we will consider the three most significant key drivers of success:

  • Focus on key benefits and communicate them to the end user
  • Tailor made training effort based on training need
  • Best in class out of the box processes for SFA and mobile commerce to reduce implementation cost