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Marketing & Sales

The key success factor of every business is an in-depth understanding of customer needs, and how to anticipate and fulfil them. Traditionally, this has been understood on the sub-conscious, or intuitive level. Nowadays the market offers customers a wide range of choices, and in general, they select products and services for themselves. In practice the main task of every person in marketing & sales is to focus on customer needs, and to increase customer awareness of available (and offered) products and services.

Successful selling depends on the strategy driving the tactics, and not vice versa i.e. sales activities depend on strategies to plan and manage the selling effort. In addition to the overall marketing strategy it is crucial to define a specific sales strategy. Beside the high-level sales concept (i.e. market, customers, selling rules, distribution channels) it must also define the detailed break-down of sales activities, and the required IT support to maximize the efficiency of the sales process.