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IT Staffing

Staff recruitment is a very exacting and complex process. Recruitment requires careful planning, because it influences, and is influenced by the methods used to source, screen and select potential candidates. In some cases, recruitment is a need recognised by clients only at the last-minute, and sometimes no time at all allocated to such planning.

Often enough, the reason for the late request is that the required IT expert is extremely specialised, perhaps an IT freelancer, with the type of skills that are difficult to identify and locate. In such cases, if successful and effective recruitment/hiring is considered important to the success of an IT project, it is logical to seek assistance from a partner who knows exactly the needs of the hiring organisation, has an extensive network of local and international connections, and a strong track record.

As an international recruitment specialist, Contauro offers access to our team of Personnel/Human Resources specialists. They have the experience and skills to identify, locate, attract, recruit and retain the best staff for a specified position in an organization. The client can remain focused on core business activities, secure in the knowledge that this important aspect of improving and maintaining business flexibility is in the hands of a reliable professional partner.