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Data Warehousing

Building a data warehouse can involve a great deal of effort as it often necessitates, and results in, complex integration work. Primarily, hundreds of components must be linked together in order to function as an aligned application. A data warehouse (DWH) comprises such elements as: operational transaction data, meta data, dimensions, access and middleware as well as the required Online Analytical Processing tools (OLAP).

Such Tools as ETL, RDBMS and OLAP allow working with dimensions and data-mining.  Meta data tools are essential for the creation and efficient exploitation of a successful DWH environment. Contauro supports clients by implementing an integrated solution with your data warehouse initiative - from conceptual design and tool vendor selection, through to application operation:

  • Identification of Key Business Performance Indicators, and Reporting Concept for MIS excellence
  • Process and Information Requirements
  • Data Modelling and Infrastructure Design
  • IT Architecture
  • Request for Proposal Support in Vendor Evaluation
  • Database Concepts and Principles