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Business Technology

Globally, ca. 20% of IT projects are reported* to have failed to achieve corporate objectives, wasting enormous sums of money worldwide. The main reason for failure is that the projects are only seen as "IT initiatives" with limited business ownership and alignment. Business Technology, as a discipline, should help to avoid this misalignment by effectively synchronising the goals and interests of business and IT. The basic stages in the Business Technology life cycle are:

  1. Design and develop a business aligned IT strategy
  2. System evaluation and selection in accordance with best current practices
  3. Successful system implementation using effective and proven methods of programme and project management

Contauro has significant experience of executing the above tasks for Banks and other Financial Institutions, Governmental and Service Organizations as well as Industrial Clients.

Our main service offerings are the following:

  • IT Strategy Definition
  • Core System Selection
  • Programme & Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Systems Integration/Data Migration

* CHAOS Manifesto 2011 – The Standish Group