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Talent Management

A study by McKinsey* pointed out that the United States will need about 26 million additional workers by 2030 in order to sustain its average economic growth of the last twenty years. Western Europe will need to add 46 million additional employees to its talent pool. Germany alone will have a shortfall of 4.4 million workers, with about half of them (2.4 million people) required in skilled professions such as research, consulting, healthcare and education.

To manage talent successfully, it is essential to define a clear HR strategy; a ‘people strategy’ supporting the business goals.

Our services include:

  • Definition of the human capital, leadership, development and talent management strategy
  • Optimisation of the HR organization, better to support strategic goals
  • Integration of a talent system, and alignment with skill management
  • Set measurement goals and review them periodically

* The War for Talent - McKinsey & Company