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Investment Management

Within the last few years, the world of investment management has undergone a complete transformation. The new world is tougher and more competitive than ever before. Investors are even more demanding, product trends continue to shift, the regulation climate is tightening further, and competition is intensifying – with different markets posing different challenges. But along with great challenges come great opportunities. Time-to-market and the optimal integration of supporting IT systems are key factors to keeping up with the changing environment.

Our Investment Management team has decades of accumulated experience with Investment Systems. They are former Portfolio Managers, Investment Consultants, Investment System Product Managers and Developers, as well as skilled integrators of Expert System.

Our hands-on experience includes such systems as:

  • Portfolio Management and Investment Accounting
  • Trade Order Management
  • Data Management
  • Performance Measurement
  • Risk Management
  • Straight Through Processing (STP)

Amongst others, we have experience with the following vendors:

  • Advent Software (AXYS, APX, Rex and Geneva)
  • Eagle Investment Systems (Eagle STAR, PACE, Performance)
  • Princeton Financial Systems (PAM)
  • SimCorp USA (Dimension)
  • Calypso Technology
  • SunGard (Several)
  • Thomson Reuters (Several))
  • Charles River Development (Several)
  • Profidata Group (AMIS, Xentis)
  • SS&C / Financial Models Company, Inc. (Several)
  • Tibco (several)
  • Barra, Inc.
  • FactSet (Cornerstone)
  • Stat Pro (Portfolio Analytics)
  • Algorithmics (Algo Suite)
  • DST International (Askari)
  • Risk Metrics
  • Bloomberg Data
  • Omgeo (OASYS / OASYS Global / ALERT / TradeSuite)