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Accounting & Forecasting

The global financial crisis and associated economic downturn are challenging entrepreneurs to find new market approaches, and to increase efficiency by reducing operational costs. The main difficulty is how to interpret market facts and figures, and then transform them into achievable targets and budgets for the individual business unit. Financial Controlling tracks this process based on historic data. However, it often fails due to shortcomings in data quality, and lack of transparency at top management level. Nowadays, intelligent ‘fact extrapolation’ presents a challenge because of rapid market changes. There is often a dis-crepancy in the actual results when they are compared with previously extrapolated and forecast data.

Software solutions support Controllers and Management Accounting Staff in the incorporation of certain market-risk factors into their Statistics and Budget. The break-down of such ‘market-risk factors’ must in-clude details of historical data, in order to be fully informed when extrapolating future trends.

Contauro supports Financial Controllers with comprehensive Accounting and Forecasting Solutions. Finance is put on a sound foundation, and Operational Management also reviewed. We develop transparent solutions based on industry standard tools from Oracle, SAP General Ledger, and Excel enhanced tools, as appropriate to company size and systems already in place. Consequently, future market activities are based on efficient Financial Planning and Control.