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Transformation of Processes and Technology

Many areas within Air Traffic Management have been digitalised within the past couple of years. In control centres, this process is already very well advanced. In airports, there is a lot of room for further optimisation.

Making use of digitalisation must:

  • Assist air traffic controllers in their daily work by supplementary information
  • Improve security and safety
  • Support workload management

We know that the technology is ready. Nevertheless, the implementation requires a smooth transformation, including:

  • Adaptation of operational processes, integration of new operational methods
  • Avoiding interruption of traffic during the whole transition
  • Involvement of operational as well as technical teams
  • Assuring that the transition ends up in a success story

Our services:

  • Coaching of teams towards the next step of transition within the digital world
  • Supporting the integration of operational aspects in your processes
  • Supporting the integration of technical aspects in your processes
  • Supporting the definition of programs and projects
  • Supporting your tendering process
  • Coaching your project
  • Project management