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Secure Data Communication

Especially the ongoing convergence of all applications to IP increases the dependency on the security and reliability of your communication solutions.

New threats which can jeopardise your network and data are constantly emerging in Air Traffic Control.

ATM applications require:

  • Low latency (especially important for voice, video and radar, but also for other applications)
  • Meshed / redundant communication paths to assure robustness and high availability
  • Data integrity assurance (imagine what happens if your systems would receive manipulated ATM information instead of real sources via your communication channels)
  • Protection against all forms of attack
  • Full compliancy with all communication standards applicable to ATM applications
  • Easy deployment even during ongoing traffic
  • Your network performances and security remain under your full control

Our experts have profound know-how based on many years working with different encryption solution providers, backed with good knowledge of the ANSP world.

One of our partners SASERA AG, is a network security solution supplier, that covers your needs for network security products.

Our services:

  • Analysing your needs (including: performance, quality, security, availability)
  • Analysing your current network (including: performance, quality, security, availability)
  • Preparing of security recommendations
  • Assisting in preparation of tender documentation