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Remote Tower Applications

Remote tower applications offer a wide range of advantages against traditional towers. Careful planning, adaptation of operational procedures as well as the investment in optimal technical solutions are the key to success.

Our Air Traffic Control Specialists are ready to guide your transition beyond standards towards secure, safe and economic solutions.

Standards and more:

  • latest standards are a basis, however ED-240A only partially covers parts of the visual aspects. One of our specialists is actively supporting the enhancements of this standard to ED-240B.
  • supplementary know-how enhances high quality, safe, remote and distributed operation
  • economically interesting new concepts
  • integration of augmented reality provides crucial enhancement of visual awareness
  • increased security and safety

The way towards an economic secure Remote Tower System requires both high quality and experience in the preparation of operational processes as well as technical design.

Our services:

  • Analysing your current tower operation
  • Supporting the definition of change of your operational process
  • Analysing the technical needs, re-use of technology
  • Specifying new equipment needed
  • Specifying the network infrastructure
  • Supporting your tendering process
  • Coaching your project
  • Project management