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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) and data analytics have been top priorities for CIOs over the last ten years, and business intelligence technology is one of the fastest changing areas in IT. Many companies have invested in state-of-the-art business intelligence platforms in order to achieve a greater competitive advantage.

However, BI is not just about the huge data load, and the use of efficiently applied technology to process and exploit relevant data. BI is a form of statistical analysis which may also include the use of artificial intelligence. BI can be used to reveal significant patterns about customer behaviour, lifestyle, demographics etc. Such data, which could provide indications of how customer relationships can be improved, would otherwise remain hidden. Used effectively, BI is a very effective instrument which enables an organisation to understand its customers, analyse business units, manage profitability, cut costs, monitor risk, model scenarios and manage business performance.
Furthermore, it can be focused on such tasks as Campaign Management Analysis, Credit Scoring and Customer Profiling.

Our main areas of experience in Business Intelligence include:

  • BI Strategy Planning
  • BI Tools Evaluation & Selection
  • BI Implementation Services
  • BI Product Consulting

We have experience with, amongst others, the following BI platforms:

  • SAP BusinessObjects
  • IBM Cognos (incl. SPSS)
  • Oracle Business Intelligence (incl. Essbase)
  • SAS Enterprise BI
  • Microsoft BI
  • MicroStrategy