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Roles and Careers

At Contauro, advancement along the career path is exclusively based on merit. Our employees are excellent problem solvers, and to promote this particular skill, we ensure that career path development of professional and personal experience leads through various disciplines, sectors and countries.

New employees typically start at Consultant or Senior Consultant level. The professional development opportunities derived from our generalist staffing and training policies can turn a brilliant graduate into an exceptional problem solver.

Promotions are solely based on your contribution to the impact of your work, as well as your input in respect of in-house functions.

Professional Development

Your professional development is of the greatest importance to us. We ensure that you get all the right opportunities and tools to make the most of this important aspect of your career.
This is done through staffing policies, a structured appraisal process, and the appropriate training courses.


Over the medium term you will be offered the opportunity to work on projects which are:

  • Varied by geographical area, industry and function
  • Instrumental to your professional development
  • Compatible, whenever possible, with your expressed interests and any significant personal commitment

Our client base is increasingly international and we have a cross-office staffing policy: this means that you will have the opportunity not only to travel locally, but also to work on international projects. We believe that international and diverse teams enrich both the team member's experiences and the relationship we create with our clients.


Our appraisal process is both formal and informal. All employees are evaluated at the end of every project by the project manager they have worked with, and also twice a year in structured appraisal moderation meetings with all the partners. Each consultant is assigned a Development Leader who acts as a mentor during his/her career. Promotions are on the basis of personal merit and the contribution made to the firm. Employees on Consultant and Senior Consultant level are usually assessed on the following skills:

  • Problem solving capabilities
  • Teamwork
  • Interaction with the client
  • Communication skills

From the very start of your consulting career, we will also assess your leadership qualities, and the drive and energy you demonstrate while working with your colleagues and our clients.


The training and professional development of our consultants is a priority at all levels. Although an important part comes from on-the-job coaching, our consultants take part in training courses to develop and strengthen their professional skills (problem structuring, engagement management, client relationship skills etc.). These training courses have two main objectives: to ensure that we support you throughout your career, and to allow you to meet and share your experiences with peers from your own project, and from other projects.

Our trainers are an interesting mix of people with a variety of international backgrounds and experiences.

We also provide on-going training in communication skills for all levels of seniority, as well as training in more technical skills, such as finance, project management or modelling.