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Join Contauro

Recruitment Process

New employees generally join us at Consultant or Senior Consultant level. To join at this level you don't need any specialist expertise. For more senior positions such as Managing Consultant or Director, we will consider previous work experience and sector knowledge.

To join Contauro at any level you must provide:

  • Top grades from a top-tier university or business school
  • Excellent analytical and quantitative skills
  • Proven team working abilities
  • International outlook
  • Fluent English and knowledge of at least two other languages

Besides that, you must be ready to travel extensively, and far. On top of these requisites, you must prove that you have potential in these four critical areas:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Personal impact
  • Leadership skills
  • Dedication to achieving results

Interview and Review Process

We invite candidates to two or three interviews. The first part of each interview focuses on the candidate's drive, energy, communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership and ability to be a good team player. The goal of this part is to understand the fit between us. We also encourage you to ask your interviewer any questions you may have about life and work at Contauro.

The second part is usually the ‘business case’, a scenario which is usually derived from a common situation which our clients face. With this exercise, we test your problem solving approach, especially the ability to structure thoughts and to analyse complex situations.

The final stage of recruiting is a discussion with a Partner. If a candidate is successful then we make a job offer.

Joining Programme

Our joining programme will prepare you, individually, for your tasks as a consultant. The first three months include:

  • Get to know Contauro
  • Introduction: expert knowledge and consulting tools
  • Introduction: Contauro consulting services
  • Joining the mandate (with coaching from Contauro senior staff)
  • Project-specific expert training or courses as required
  • Following on-the-job training
  • Coaching: in-house or on the project, conducted by your mandate leader
  • Participation in internal training and further educational events