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Our Values

It is our commitment to act ethically at all times. We will safeguard the interests of our clients, assure their security and strive to attain the highest standards of achievement.

Six fundamental principles guide Contauro:

  1. We focus on sustainable and profitable long-term growth for our clients. Our clients' success – is our success!
  2. We deliver what the client asks for: solutions and results, processes, data and systems
  3. We are clear and direct – we avoid the use of ‘jargon’
  4. We tell it 'like it is' – we are ready to state an unpalatable truth, if it benefits our clients
  5. We 'partner' with our clients, and, by establishing an open and collaborative work environment, create the conditions for a successful outcome
  6. We actively promote mutual employee development, both for our own team members, and for the staff of our clients