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Our Team

It is said that the best people in consulting work in small firms. One of the reasons is that the best people require the autonomy and impact they can only achieve in small companies. The responsibilities of a consultant are significant, regardless of the size of the practice. It is similar to being a lawyer - a lawyer in a small firm can handle very large cases.

So, what is the Contauro team?

It is many things. It is a team of experienced, highly qualified Management and Technology Consultants. It is a team of multilingual, multi-disciplinary process and application specialists. It is a team of experienced minds, young minds, adventurous minds, calculating and focused minds – a team of disciplined free spirits. It is a team of professionals, with a strong track record of success, who are constantly seeking to grow and enhance their expertise.

We love a challenge. To us, the proper approach to a project involves total engagement – not only doing what is necessary, but anticipating, and going the extra mile.

We commit. Our people dedicate not only their expertise and experience, they dedicate their presence.

Our Management Board

All Contauro Board members are highly qualified, and experienced in the complex world of Management Consultancy, Project Management and IT Solutions. All are shareholders and, as such, we are committed to the long-term growth of our company.